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We realize that the music industry is changing faster than ever and expanding as the internet continues to blur boundaries. In order to meet and learn the concepts of the artistic management and entrepreneurial challenges of music and digital media in the contemporary international entertainment and music industry, PINOCOM has evolved into a full service music and entertainment company. PINOCOM has also expanded its focus to promotions, consulting, and assisting independent artists with their entertainment projects.

PINOCOM is known for taking an entrepreneurial approach with its clients. Its managers are also at the forefront of defining the expanding role of personal management in the music business. The company's capabilities include a broad expertise in artist development.

PINOCOM can take artists who are unknowns and put their songs on the radio for the masses to experience and make them famous throughout the world. How do we do this?

It is simple. If you are an artist who writes lyrics and needs to be with producers who write tracks, or if you are a singer who needs songs, or if you are a producer who needs artists to produce or record their songs, PINOCOM can connect you with the right company that you can work with to get your project on the road to success.

Operated By Pinocom

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Disc JOCKEY (DJ) Services

We provide music for professional and private social events, block parties and mature birthday parties with a touch of class. WE offer a wide range of Jazz music for relaxation and occasions that require absolute smooth background jazz.

Digital MediaApplications

We consider it our duty in this modern age of the internet to strategically create programs and models in a prompt and timely fashion to engage fans and expand audiences in order to generate revenue for our artists, using the latest tools in digital media. We also assist our artists to develop an active social media profile.

Intellectual Property Creation/Strategic Brand Alliances

We are constantly working to identify viable brand extensions such as television properties, corporate partnerships, publishing projects, media and licensing to generate new revenue streams for all our artists.

Artist Brand Development

We work diligently to create and execute aggressive and integrated marketing plans that reach our artists’ fan base by delivering contemporary concepts, imagery and brand messaging for maximum impact. This effort also includes planning and executing a debut program with all the trimmings.

Celebrating African Jazz Pioneers And Artists.